tesco.jpgOh, how the mighty have fallen.Just as once-powerful retailer Woolworths nears the end of the long road to credit crunch doom, another high street Goliath has announced it might not be doing quite as well as we all thought.Tesco: just two years ago, there were grumblings among citizens’ rights groups that the company was perhaps overstepping the mark a tad by allegedly buying up land near its stores so competitors couldn’t move in. And now?Sales are actually down.Yes, Tesco – which until recently was replacing church as the British public’s Sunday morning activity of choice - saw like-for-like sales grow just 2% in the last three months – its worst figures for 14 years, according to The Guardian.Smarta is having difficulties feeling sympathy for a company which has been heavily criticised for allegedly anti-competitive behaviour, and would like to suggest a positive effect of the downturn could be the beginning of the end for the super-chain, and the end of the end for small shops – which would be nice.

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