Tram flu

shutterstock_6649480.jpgIf you commute to work you’re twice as likely to catch a cold than if you work from home, a survey by flu relief brand Lemsip Max All in One has revealed today – another reason, if you needed it, to get away from the daily grind and start a business.According to the survey, 98% of those who regularly commute by bus and 96% of those who travel by train caught colds last winter – compared to just 58% of those who work from home.Disgustingly enough, the survey also found one person’s sneeze can infect 150 people in the same space within five minutes, while someone who doesn’t use a handkerchief or tissue when they sneeze will blow 100,000 ‘germ-filled droplets’ into the air, which then attach themselves to seats, handles and rails.Gross.

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