Are you chasing the brown pound?

Naomi Campbell has hit out at the fashion industry for its continued reluctance to use black models. Speaking to the thelondonpaper she said: “Women of colour are not a trend. That’s the bottom line. It’s a pity that people don’t always appreciate black beauty.”It got me thinking, how many of you use black models in your advertising campaigns, promotional literature, websites etc?If you’re representative of the advertising industry, then not enough. Black and Asian faces were unseen in adverts until the 90s. There’s been real progress in the past decade led by the likes of Renault’s Thierry Henry ‘Va va voom’ campaign and Halifax’s Howard Brown.However, while there’s plenty of talk about chasing the pink, grey and now green pound, many businesses fail to appeal to the brown pound of multi-cultural Britain.According to the Multi-Cultural Insight Study released last year, ethnic groups account for five million consumers in the UK with a spending power estimated to reach £300bn by 2010.The report also revealed three quarters of Black and Asian and half of Chinese people felt mainstream brands had no relevance to them, with the majority feeling advertising campaigns were either not aimed at them or stereotypical.Time to start reviewing those marketing policies?

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