If you can’t show money show love

Today is 'Work your Proper Hours Day'. Before you clockwatchers start checking everyone’s in on time, actually, the idea is to highlight the adverse effect of the UK’s long hours culture.According to the TUC, today marks the point in the year when staff regularly putting in unpaid overtime, actually start earning money.And hang your heads in shame; apparently small businesses are the worst offenders. Thing is, according to Investors in People’s Simon Jones, it’s not a clever strategy:“Just because an employee is working long hours, it doesn’t mean they are being productive – in fact, a long hours culture can have the opposite effect and breed inefficiency.“Bosses need to be active in helping employees manage their workload so they contribute to a greater effect in the time they are at work. Those employers that take steps to encourage this culture are more likely to see a healthy, motivated and most importantly, productive workforce.”OK there will always be those must-meet deadlines and there’s an expectation of ‘mucking-in’ that comes with working for a start-up. But exploit that at your peril. It’s your baby, not your employees’.If you can’t give them money, give them love some other way, be it equity, perks, time-off in quiet spells, whatever.Innocent Drinks is championed as a great employer because it does just that and more, not because it pays best. It looks after its people and they look after it.Ask yourself, how much loyalty would you afford a client that keeps taking without paying?

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