Is your Facebook investor-friendly?

A senior police officer was overlooked for promotion after posting information about his ‘gay lifestyle’ on Facebook.We’ll leave you to decide if the Met would have reacted with such disapproval had he been superpoking girls not guys. It proves, however, that irrespective of what you deem appropriate for Facebook, others might think differently.If you’re not super vigilant with your settings, turn your back for a second and it’s easy to return to see pics of your best moments from Magaluf ’96. There’s simply no escaping your past.We’ve heard all about employers checking out Facebook pages as a part of the recruitment process, so surely investors are doing it already?How impressed would a VC be with ‘Joe’s staying in bed today cus that meeting can wait’?You could argument, of course, that if you’ve nothing to hide then where’s the harm? Isn't this all a bit Daily Mail?The Facebook page of one of Smarta’s favourite entrepreneurs – who incidentally has raised substantial finance in the UK and US – links direct to his flickr account and shows him have a stonking good Glasto.That's OK surely? You’d like to think so, but is that how investors see it? Would you take the risk?Be a shame if business had to turn its back on Facebook. Perhaps it’s time Facebook introduced a multi-page profile facility so you can pick who sees which persona?

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