Why you shouldn't turn Big Brother

Apparently… staff misusing company email, internet and phones costs UK businesses a whopping £10bn a year. That’s according to the ‘experts’ at Croner, anyway, who commissioned the research that conjured such a meaty figure.The report claims of the 2,000 people interviewed, 22% misused work email, 21% telephoned friends and family, 18% accessed personal email and 11% looked at Facebook or MySpace. Worse still, a whole 6% misused a company mobile.Croner’s math makes that £400 of abuse per person multiplied by the UK’s 29million employers arriving, magically, at £10bn.Hey presto! And there’s the world’s greatest economic minds trying to avert a recession when those chatterboxes busy superpoking vampires via text were to blame all along. According to Croner and a few others, it’s time for a clampdown.That’s complete tosh, of course. For a start, flip the figures and don’t they make UK staff practically saint-like? 78% never emailing pals, 94% never using a mobile to ask 'what’s for dinner?' Come off it.Besides, especially in start-ups and small businesses, how many of you have staff putting in extra, often unsocial, hours without extra pay? Turn Big Brother on the advice of this rubbish and we bet you’ll lose more than you save.

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