Wrapped up in red tape?

Have you got time to be reading this? According to a survey by for BT, most of you haven’t. It reckons that small businesses waste an average of 24 days a year detangling themselves from non-core business activities like Finance, IT, and HR.

Admin is also a big distraction. 10% of you seem to be spending 1.5 days every week on it.

To top it off, government red tape is also now so bad, it’s the main business concern for 56% of you. That’s double the number of those who point to the more understandable worry of finance. Not good, but what’s the solution?

Unsurprisingly, BT thinks it’s to get all your IT and communications put onto one easy bill. That might solve some of your issues but the key is to focus on your core competencies. Improving your organisation and outsourcing your non-core support functions could prove to be a potent solution.

What are your hints and tips for easing the pain of admin and red tape?

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