You've got to love it!

Well it’s Valentine’s Day; loved and loathed with equal passion by those cupid strikes and misses. Seems it’s the same for business, too.If you’re in retail or the hotel/restaurant trade, Valentine’s Day can’t come quick enough. According to research by PayPal, the average Brit will spend over £70 on gifts totalling a whopping £1.6bn.And who said romance was dead? Well, a few people actually and not just those that dismiss Valentine’s Day as a capitalist creation.Experian has issued a report claiming it breaks more relationships than it makes, and businesses have been warned to be on their guard when love is in the air.Poor old Marks & Spencer boss Stuart Rose will arrive at the BITC conference today to find Amicus members dressed as giant chickens giving out Fairtrade roses in protest at the company’s food sourcing policies.Meanwhile, bosses could face potential sexual harassment claims after Facebook began offering e-cards with nicely litigious comments such as ‘I liked you from the minute I heard you were desperate’.One law firm claims even saying it with flowers can end in tears… if employers fail to provide hayfever sufferers with suitably aerated working environments. Crikey!

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