Cheating Delia a smash for Aunt Bessie's

delia.jpgDelia Smith's had foodies in a right tizz since advocating the use of frozen mash potato in her TV series and book How To Cheat At Cooking, but the catering queen’s culinary controversies have got at least two companies licking their lips.Aunt Bessie's, which started life making frozen Yorkshire Puddings for Butlin’s holiday camps, has seen sales of its frozen mash rise 1,000% since Delia’s endorsement.Food giant Heinz makes the potato products under license from Hull-based Tryton Foods, with both companies forcasting healthy profits after a helping hand from Delia.Heinz, heard in November that Delia would be recommending the potatoes, and stocked up in preparation, while the supermarkets also pre-empted a rush with Sainsbury’s and ASDA quadrupling their normal orders ahead of the series and book launch.Jane Jones, Heinz’s marketing manager for the Aunt Bessie’s range, told the FT sales of the frozen mash had 'skyrocketed':“Having someone like Delia include our products is fantastic because consumers trust what she’s telling them,” she said.Tryton expects a ‘halo effect’ from Delia’s recommendation to encompass the rest of Aunt Bessie’s range, demonstrating the impact of successful celebrity endorsement - whether the critics agree or not!

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