Down with the kidz?

skins.jpgYoung people are spending in excess of 20 hours a week online, primarily using social networking sites such as Bebo, Facebook, MySpace and YouTube.Most of them use the internet unsupervised, over half admit to having viewed porn, while even more are expected to have browsed content that would have faced restrictions under UK law if screened on TV.Oh and most teenagers have mobiles which they leave on all night in case they’re texted in the early hours.According to the Institute for Public Policy Research, which compiled the research, and much of the press reports on it, the results highlight a growing need to monitor and regulate content viewed by young people.Our thoughts? Well, politics isn’t our game, but one initial thought: 20 hours, is that all?Surely the first generation raised on the internet is spending at least half its waking time online?!Now we’re not claiming to be down with the kidz, but every1 knows TV, print and radio are dead as standalone mediums. What you want you download.Hit TV show Skins screened its first episode on MySpace, while you can now watch on the E4 website or your iPod via iTunes. There’s also whole generation of Lost fanatics taking great pleasure in watching, albeit illegally, series four without replemishing Murdoch’s millions with a Sky subscription.Yet still brands continue to blow millions targetting young people with traditional advertising instead of where it matters: online, social networks and well SEO-ed engaging sites.Pls sA ur nt 1?

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