Great minds think alike

kasparov.jpgWe all value hearing it from the horse’s mouth*. Entrepreneurs know you learn best from other entrepreneurs. Those who have been there, or are at least, are there.After all, that’s why we’re building Smarta to help you interact to share knowledge and experiences.Occasionally, though, there’s real value in hearing from great minds outside of business.For instance, it’s fair to assume politicians know a thing or two about PR and leadership. OK, bad example. More apt, is Sir Clive Woodward, whose feat in leading England to the 2003 Rugby World Cup has seen him heralded as an expert strategist.Last year’s excellent Leaders In London conference saw captivating talks from the likes of Kevin Spacey, Kofi Annan, Al Gore, Karren Brady, Edward de Bono and James Cameron among heavyweight entrepreneurs.The first speakers announced for LIL ‘08 include chess maverick Garry Kasparov. The most successful chess player of all time, Kasparov will reveal what it took to be the youngest ever world champion and stay No.1 in the world for 21 years.He’s promising insights into organisational leadership as a game of strategy: how to anticipate the competition, prepare for their next move, force them to play your game instead of theirs, improvise, adapt your strategy in mid-flow, and ultimately hold your nerve to win.If you want to know how to play mind games, here's a chance to learn from the master.*No, not horsesmouth - but we love that too.

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