Jesus loves you... but you prefer Branson

branson.jpgJohn Lennon was lambasted at the height of Beatlemania for suggesting the Fab Four were bigger than Jesus. In fairness, such a claim was always likely to court controversy.Imagine (get it?) the furore then if Lennon were around today and had the gall to claim to be bigger than the real almighty bearded one, Sir Richard Branson.Now before the Christian world starts burning effigies of Smarta, this unnecessarily inflammatory pre-amble is of course making reference to the equally pointless poll by Opinium Research that named the Virgin maverick ahead of Jesus Christ as the figure Britons consider the best role model for children.Branson actually pipped Jesus to second with ‘a family member’ claiming top spot. Microsoft founder Bill Gates also claimed a place in the top 10, as did Jamie Oliver who, with particular reference to his Fifteen Foundation, passes in many people’s books as an entrepreneur.For those that are interested, here’s the full list:1. A family member2. Richard Branson3. Jesus Christ4. A teacher5. Nelson Mandela6. Diana Princess of Wales7. Jamie Oliver8. Winston Churchill9. Martin Luther King10. Bill GatesThree entrepreneurs and no footballers or Big Brother contestants in the top 10 role models? Surely that has to be good news?Branson and Jamie Oliver are the ultimate go-getters who epitomise the entrepreneurial spirit of forcing change through creative disruption and hard work. Sure sound like perfect role models to Smarta.

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