Sweet dreams aren't made of this

DCFamily.jpgAs a business journo you live eat and sleep Budget week, so after a run of late nights fuelled by chow meins and copious caffeine it’s perhaps inevitable, if a little worrying, that you’ll start dreaming economics.But being lost in REM with visions of the CBI, BCC, IOD and FSB calling for the UK to adopt China’s one-child policy, that’s downright disturbing!Then again in the light of Tory leader David Cameron’s claim BOTH parents should be allowed to take off the first six months of a child’s life, it’s perhaps not as surreal as it sounds.Seriously, family man Cameron, filmed for a party political broadcast draped in his own children, claims business fails to understand how difficult those first few months are when ‘the mother’s exhausted and the baby’s not sleeping’.Under a Conservative government he proposes parents share 52 weeks of flexible leave with the possibility of both parents being off at the same time.Aren’t they thoughtless those nasty businesses? Why on earth shouldn’t bosses, especially those running small companies with limited resources, be happy to lose staff for six months every now and again? To hell with it, let’s make it a year. Why don't we just let all employees decide each morning if they fancy turning up or not?Or we could adopt a crazy alternative policy of encouraging enterprise and business growth and use that wealth creation to build a competent childcare system and wider selection of career opportunities? Silly thought.In a Budget week that left business reaching out for a cohesive opposition to understand its needs, is this ‘head in the clouds’ nonsense the best Cameron & Co could come up with?What a nightmare.

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