Teenage kicks so hard to beat

Depending how old you are you’ll either find this utterly depressing or completely inspiring: a new breed of 15-16 year olds are making in excess of £60,000 by trading online.Gone are the days when teenagers wasted away their parents' income; it seems some are now the chief breadwinners!A report by Virgin Media interviewed 700 teenagers aged between 13 and 18 and found a staggering 43% had made money online in the last 12 months, while 22% had set up their own businesses while still in full-time education.15% reported they were raking in £23 per hour – six times the national minimum wage – with an emerging group of teen tycoons cashing in three times the UK average salary.When the 30-somethings among you desperate to escape employment have finished thumping your heads on your keyboards, you’ll surely agree, albeit begrudgingly, this has to be good news.We blogged earlier this week how businesses needed to adapt to the consumer habits of the first generation raised on the internet, and now we’re beginning to see the emergence of a generation who’ll shape the future.If this report is anything to go by, the future looks entrepreneurial - and that has to be exciting for all of us.

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