Business vote up for grabs, but does anybody want it?

browncameron.JPGThe business vote was high on the agenda at the British Chambers of Commerce convention, which opened today in Liverpool. The reason? Because it’s no longer high on business owners’ agendas.‘85% of entrereneurs don’t believe politicians understand business’, was the stat paraded in director general David Frost’s speech in a damning verdict of the current government’s administration.Just 14% think business is a priority for a Labour government, Frost continued before warning only 22% thought it would be particularly important to those Conservatives lapping up the government-bashing.None of this is of any great surprise, of course, and simply mirrors society’s political apathy. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worthy of comment. Overlooking it merely perpetuates that apathy and ignores the fact business and politics are polarised at a time the economy needs them united.For Frost there’s a lack of business experience at the top: “With many having very little practical experience working in business, it is unsurprising that MPs do not come across as sympathetic to the need of business.”It's action not talk that BCC members want: asked what the most important issue the next government should prioritise, 34% said taxation, 29% red tape and 11% transport.“If we are to remain competitive, then the government must cut taxes for both large and small firms and look at reducing other damaging taxes such as fuel duty.”The message is clear and as Frost concluded: “The business vote is clearly up for grabs."Given recent policy and a lack of promised tax cuts coming from the opposition, you have to wonder, is anybody listening?

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