In Google we believe

google.jpgWhile the leaders of two of the world’s greatest powers combined grey matter in a vain attempt to solve the credit crunch, hope actually came in the shape of an organisation suitably more powerful, intelligent and democratic.That’s Google, as if you hadn’t guessed.Amid the doom and gloom of an economic downturn there’d been suggestions even the almighty father of search might start to feel the pinch prompting a slight wobble in share price.After all, if it’s inevitable companies will pull back ad spend as times get tough, with an unholy percentage going through Google, it’s also inevitable Google will suffer, right?Wrong. Well, wrong so far anyway. First quarter profits published from Google HQ yesterday showed profits actually rose to a very cool $1.31bn, up 30% on the same period last year."Our ongoing innovation in search, ads, and apps helped drive healthy growth globally across our product lines, yielding another strong quarter for Google," crowed Eric Schmidt, and frankly, who can blame him?Envy put aside, it has to be a positive sign that not only is the online advertising market holding firm but also companies in general remain confident of riding the storm.

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