The Hub of Disruptors – a short film

Disruptive Social Innovation. What the bleep is it all about?

We headed to The Hub to find out. The Hub is a unique space created for social innovators to work, meet, learn, connect and realise progressive ideas. The energy and dynamism here is truly palpable. This is the place to make things happen, from growing ideas to launching projects to running businesses.

That’s where we met Nick and Menka, the founders of the Disruptive Social Innovators, or Disruptors for short. A team of avid rule breakers who are exploring ways to create and maintain systemic social change.

They’re doing this by organising a monthly open-to-all event in which a bunch of people get together and map out a social, environmental or consumer system, analyze it and invite people who have managed to find ‘disruption points’ within it to explain how they did it. Their aim is to collate, document and share these insights for everyone’s benefit: entrepreneurs, businesses, innovators, funders, policy makers...

The featured topics vary widely. The last two sessions focused on the childcare and packaging markets respectively. The third session (the one we’re bringing to you here) explored the film and distribution market and how a highly unlikely candidate (with zero marketing budget and no big names), managed to break into the mainstream market using radically different tools to become the third highest grossing documentary in US history.

These sessions are open to all and take place on the first Tuesday of every month. All you need to bring is an eager mind and a fiver for nibbles and wine. Pending a website, you’ll be able to join the disruptors on their facebook group.

We leave you with the video highlight of the session. See you at the next one!

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