Tribewanted: Paradise or Bust?

Hi, I'm Ben Keene, founder of Tribewanted.The BBC documentary that followed my first year attempting to set up an online and pacific island community simultaneously was called Paradise or Bust.The thinking behind the title, I assume, was that there was no middle ground with this grand experiment - Tribewanted would either work perfectly or go pear-shaped. The island dream would be realised or not. Simple.Well, no not exactly. As the documentary showed the Tribewanted project is no game show, this is real life and for a few of us now, it is a way of life.Two years since registered its first flurry of digital traffic, and 19 months after the 'first footers' landed on the beaches of Vorovoro island, and the experience has neither become a never-ending paradise nor gone bust.What it is, is an idea that has survived its early challenges and is growing into a blossoming network of people (we call it a tribe because it shares a place and a purpose as well as a web space), ideas and shared cultures.On Vorovoro is has begun to find its rhythm as it balances and fuses a traditional Fijian way life with the expectations and ideas of a 21st century tribe.But it is far from perfect. Bugs bite, rain falls, storms brew (climatically and emotionally), communication flickers, and for me - now back in the UK - it is working out how to make the most of what we've got to get to where we want to try and go next. It's certainly not a question of sitting back and enjoying the desert island dream.What I've come to realise then is this: that when you have an opportunity, and decide - wisely or not - to chase it, the stakes in your life will immediately be raised. And in this risk-taking comes the buzz caused by both the fear of failure and the anticipation of success.But once you have got through that first stage, the first set of challenges, first year or two, then you will need to find time to pause; to reflect and then to look forward at what could come after. After all, if it had turned out to be paradise what would we do next?

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