Verde la revolution?

knightlyk.JPGAren’t we all so green, nowadays? We proudly parade our hessian shopping bags around the supermarkets, happy-flick our energy efficient lightbulbs and bemoan our council’s inability to keep up with our desire for recycling wheelybins.Those of us not driving Chelsea tractors nodded approvingly at this year’s so called ‘Green Budget’. Green’s mainstream and you no longer face public exclusion as a soap dodging ‘swampy’ for daring to have ethics as a consumer.Consumer demand has created a green economy and we’re lapping it up.However, the green revolution has yet to tempt businesses into making environmental changes where the consumer doesn’t necessarily see them.According to research by entrepreneur think tank, the Tenon Forum, 42% of UK SMEs have failed to implement any environmental measures to their business models to date and a fifth have no plans to do so in the future.The report claims recycling and improving energy-efficiency simply aren't cost efficient, with over a quarter claiming the price of adopting green processes outweighs the business benefits.Tellingly, 60% felt concessions in the Budget were more about capturing votes than a genuine attempt to incentivise businesses to go green.It’s easy to dismiss the stats as short-sighted strategy and it’s undeniable green offers a new marketing opportunity, but it’s also hard to argue companies should sacrifice their bottom line for the environment.Perhaps consumer ethics need to stretch beyond green fashion first?

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