Would you recommend this one-day-old business?

recbox.pngAnother UK social network launched yesterday. RecommendBox enables friends to recommend anything from pubs/bars, movies, services and people - and also request recommendations.Unlike other review or recommendation sites, RecommendBox is a private social network, so users only send and receive recommendations to/from friends. That’s the USP according to the founders, Rob Loch and Scott Rutherford.Rob explains: “Everyone is surrounded by friends with knowledge of amazing things but access to this knowledge is sporadic, inefficient and limited. Our goal is to change this and to become the place where people go for recommendations.”According to Rob and Scott personal recommendations come with greater depth of thought and frankness than mere ‘opinions’ expressed on existing public review sites.Like most social networks the business model for RecommendBox isn’t initially clear, although the site has integrated with Amazon and Google Local APIs so products appear as you recommend them. Rob also insists there are plans to expand the site far behind the basic launch model which simply “focuses on delivering our core functionality”.Rob also runs London Web2 networking event Internet People and was previously co-founder of business social network Soflow Inc. Scott co-founded digital image management site Axomic and has recently worked for Cominded, run by Bebo co-founder Paul Birch.They’ve got the track record and the contacts, but is RecommendBox just another company looking to jump on the social network bandwagon? What do you reckon?

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