Your people need you!

finger.jpgRemember what it was like working for someone else? If you’re like most entrepreneurs, it simply doesn’t compare to the thrill of running a business and reverting from employer to employee isn’t an appealing proposition.Hold that thought; then take a look at your staff. Are they happy, motivated and committed to your cause?Regardless of what you see, four out of ten probably aren’t, according to a YouGov report released by Investors In People.It claims the same percentage plan to quit in the next year blaming a lack of motivation, poor pay, unreasonable workloads and the absence of a clear career path. A quarter were unhappy with how they were managed, while half felt unsupported beyond initial induction guidance.That’s not you, of course. You’re a great employer. You care. And we’re sure you do, but the thing is, are the structures in place to ensure your staff actually see and feel that?Reflect once more: was your old boss blissfully unaware of the frustrations you had as an employee? Quite often it’s the case. Good intentions don’t go far when you're working late every night, and it’s simply naïve to assume your employees share your passion to stick to the task no matter what. It’s your baby, not theirs.Sure it takes time and money, but it's little compared to the cost of recruitment and retraining. Remember one final thing: your people need you!

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