Business needs passion, not a recession

oldrecessionproofshop.jpgIf you trawl around the internet and through the papers at the moment, chances are you’ll come across an article entitled “Starting a small business in a recession” or “How the recession is the best time to start a business.”
The article will then point to all the big entrepreneurs who launched in a recession, and will give a rather short list of all the reasons why starting in a recession is a “great” idea. The list will include these old favourites; The competition isn’t as hot, so your customers will have to buy from you. You’ll be recession proof come the next recession. If you can make it work in the bad times, it’s guaranteed to work in the good times, and you’ll have a head start over the competition etc. Which all sound quite reasonable and valid reasons, but it’s all just hot air.We’re with Simon Woodroffe, who set up the sushi chain Yo Sushi. When it comes to the best times for starting up in business, and it doesn’t matter if there’s a recession, and it doesn’t matter if there’s a boom, what really matters is the business idea, and you. As Woodroffe says, “if you have the passion, the energy and the belief in what you do, then 'anytime' can be the right time to set up a business”.I’ve given up counting the amount of times people have asked me “what sort of business should I start?” If you’re asking that sort of question, it won’t matter if it’s the best of times or the worst of times, you just won’t succeed in whatever business you decide on.Image Flickr

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