Darling to consult (big) business on tax

alistair darling.jpgGiven the disastrous start to his tenure as chancellor, who can blame Alistair Darling for trying to build some bridges with business?Clearly on the back foot at last night’s CBI dinner, he admitted "getting business tax right is not easy" and said “he’d listened carefully” to concerns over recent policy.He also pledged to consult businesses on any further significant changes to taxes and would look to make cuts to ensure Britain doesn’t become the “fiscal fall guy” of the global economy."I also have to ensure that tax rates encourage investment by providing incentives to innovate and encourage growth," he added, before insisting once again that Britain was still a "good place to do business".Darling pointed to the government’s new ‘forum of business experts’, which will meet to discuss company taxation, to back up his point.Fair enough, I guess, but if it’s really going to ‘consult business’ shouldn’t it have at least one representative from small business instead of just ‘ten multinationals’? And why is the CBI (more big business), the only business group invited? How about the FSB, FPB? Heck, we'd even do it if it meant getting you lot a voice!The Chancellor does know that SMEs make up 99.9% of all the companies he taxes and contribute over half of the UK's business turnover, doesn’t he? Just checking.

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