David Clubb: not our office angel!

539469574_57c75ab1d7.jpgWe’ve just seen Office Angels boss David Clubb spouting off about the dangers of remote working.According to research by his firm, staff are putting in an extra 20 days a year since the introduction of remote email devices such as BlackBerrys and growing acceptance of homeworking.And this is a bad thing?! According to David it is: “It’s important to maintain work-life balance and keep work in perspective. Occasionally we all need to work outside of normal hours, but this should really be the exception not the rule.”David, David, David… what are you thinking? How about we examine the upside?How about the flexibility remote working offers to employees? How about the time saved in travelling to and from overpriced office space? What about the extra service companies can provide consumers and clients by offering out-of-hour and off-site assistance?Has David not considered the savings and extra revenues this generates powers business growth and so employment?And besides, doesn’t a BlackBerry have an off button? Is it an unthinkable notion that people might actually enjoy working or having the freedom to clear minutiae on the way into the office?Today David, you’re not our angel.Image: flickr

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