Does your attitude to breastfeeding suck?

breastfeed.jpgIt’s National Breastfeeding Awareness Week 2008 – that’s 2008, not 1958.A major part of this year’s campaign is focussed on businesses that still object to women breastfeeding on their premises, with cases of mums being publically humiliated, asked to leave cafes mid-meal or banished to the toilets.Not nice, not fair and not very clever if you’d like those yummy mummies to remain customers. Indeed, a growing number of savvy entrepreneurs are making their premises Breastfeeding Friendly Places.They agree to criteria such as providing comfortable seating, access to drinking water where possible and showing employee commitment to supporting breastfeeding and get to show aBreastfeeding Friendly Places sticker in their window.OK, breastfeeding isn’t everyone’s preferred spectator sport, but is it really offensive enough to turn away two generations of customers?

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