Geldof: Entrepreneurial flair stifled by fear of failure

geldof.jpgFor all the good he’s achieved, Sir Bob Geldof still isn’t liked in some quarters. Perhaps it’s because he’s always got something to say. Perhaps it’s because in a society where we’re spoilt for choice in so many aspects of life, some people don’t take well to a scruffy man who swears a lot telling us what to do with our money.Well Sir Bob didn’t say this during his speech at today’s NESTA Innovation Edge conference, but we’ll say it for him: Fuck them.We’re assuming the reason Bob hasn’t stopped telling the world what he thinks about anything from poverty to climate change to politics is because he doesn’t care if people don’t agree with him.He’s not scared to do what he thinks is right, even if he fails. He believes in change and doesn’t let the system, doubters or sneers deter him. He’s someone who’s acted on good ideas and made things happen. That’s because, more than anything, he’s an entrepreneur.Geldof believes entrepreneurs lead change and that it’s their ideas and innovation that can find solutions to the world’s problems. However, he fears an increasingly risk-averse culture is stifling that creativity and endangering the UK's entrepreneurial streak.”We so fear failure that nobody dares try anymore. But the essence of entrepreneurship is to try and fail, we need to celebrate the attempt of trying,” he said today."Let me tell you about the future, the future will have terrible wars, ones we can't afford, terrible academics - terrible economic crises. Everything is running out, we are running out of air, running out of land, running out of water.”Never has innovation, new ideas, progress and entrepreneurship been more required than now. There are no options but to address this in a coherent way. We are desperate for ideas and frankly the political body doesn't give it to us anymore."

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