Say hello to double-digit growth

tajmahal.jpgYesterday we said that there was no good time to start a business, and that what really counted is the idea, and the attitude of the person wanting to start the business. However what we should have also said was, that although we’re currently in a recession there are different parts of the World who are on the up, and there are different channels that continue to grow at double digit rates.For every country where there’s a recession, there’s one that is on a business high, if you look at South East Asia, parts of Russia and Eastern Europe, then you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone talking about the recession, and if you look at countries like China and India, they’d probably wonder what planet you were on.But you don’t have to go to another country to find a market that’s growing in the double digits year-on-year, and a market that’s been growing at that rate or faster for the best part of a decade; and that market is the Internet.The monthly Experian high street foot-fall figures published today showed a high-street in the midst of the worst period in years with a 1.5 percent decline in shoppers visiting the high street compared to last year, and 3.4% fewer shoppers than April. However Experian’s data for the Internet in the UK showed a continued rise in traffic, and US figures from internet analysts comScore showed a year-on-year growth of 15%.So if you do want to start or grow your business this year, and you want to do it in a growing market, then you had better get yourself online, or you should start to learn Hindi, Urdu and Mandarin.Picture Flickr

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