Why Matt wouldn't swap his mentor for millions

greenriley.JPGWhat price would you put on a mentoring session with Sir Philip Green? Matt Riley, chief executive of Daisy Communications says the experience has been more useful than an interest free £5m bank loan he landed for winning last year’s Entrepreneur Challenge.After a day at Green’s Arcadia HQ, he said: “Yesterday was worth more than the loan, without a doubt. You just couldn’t buy it, could you?”Riley’s no novice, though. Daisy is on course for a £250m turnover in the next 18 months having established itself as the UK’s main business telecoms competitor to BT within seven years. He’s made 16 acquisitions and impressively still holds 100% equity in the company.However, Riley realises the value of learning from such an experienced entrepreneur as Green and picked up more than a few tricks: ”The thing that really impressed me was his reporting lines and his amazing management information. He has numbers at his fingertips. He was getting the morning’s sales figures at 12.15pm and that’s for every store.”To his credit, Green is now pouring over Daisy’s reporting structures and KPIs to offer his advice. He’s also committed three more full days mentoring before the end of the year.“I think Philip enjoys talking about his business,” says Riley. “A lot of people in that position enjoy sharing some of their knowledge and I think Philip feels it’s part of what he needs to do as an entrepreneur.” Read more on Riley’s day with Green in The Times.Having experienced the benefit of mentoring firsthand, it's great to see from Daisy's website that Riley's helping others get access to the same support by backing The Prince's Trust UK Enterprise Challenge.

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