KISS.jpgEver embarked on a brainstorming session of 360º blue sky thinking about how effectively, when you drill down into the throat of your organisation with a fine tooth comb, your core values are cascading to your KPI-focussed product evangelists?If only you’d pre-prepared with some forward-planning you might have reaped higher end deliverables. Perhaps you’d better open your door and not let the grass grow too long on this challenge by gathering the dream team for a cradle-to-grave ideas shower?That should solve it. Or not. Please tell us you don’t speak like this? Yuk, yuk, yuk.OK we’ve all got our madeuppy words we use, but is management talk really getting as indecipherable as the BBC’s ‘50 office speak phrases you love to hate’ suggests?If it is and you suspect you’re a culprit, perhaps you should challenge yourself to a game of Boss Speak Bingo to find out if you’re a Brent-like figure your employees snigger about behind your back.Worse still, a boss that can’t communicate what they expect or what as a company you’re trying to achieve.If you want your employees to respect you and be motivated, then FFS KIS:For Fuck Sake, Keep It Simple.Image: Flickr

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