Jumping off the shelf

times.JPGDid you buy a newspaper yesterday? If you did and didn’t blindly pick up the rag you buy everyday, chances are it was The Times that caught your eye.Yesterday’s edition came bagged with a free copy of Jonathan Coe’s bestselling novel ‘The Rotters’ Club’ and boy did it stand out. If The Times had done the same on a Saturday or Sunday it’d have been lost among the now standard CD, DVD, poster freebies clogging up the newsstand.But on a dreary Monday morning, only one paper leapt off the shelf and our bet is sales spiked as a result. After all, we all like the idea of getting something for nothing, don’t we?A simple point, but making your business stand out from the crowd could be as easy as thinking smart, bucking a trend, picking your moment and catching the competition unawares.

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