Why you mightn't need to slice your prices

pizza.jpgWhat are you up to this weekend? Looking forward to a night out on the town or a romantic meal in your favourite restaurant. Or… like many of the population feeling the pinch of the credit crunch are you staying in and settling for a takeaway?According to the BBC’s Money Programme, takeaways are one of a number of businesses profiting from the gloom of the current economic downturn.Tonight’s show highlighted market leader Dominos, which enjoyed an 11% rise in like for like sales for the first two months of 2008 and is predicting further growth as nights in become the new nights out.It just goes to show it’s not just the bastions of budget Lidl, Primark and Poundland (whose profits are all up) or the pawnbrokers, liquidators and debt management companies that can find an upside to a downturn.Dominos isn’t bottom end takeout but it’s certainly cheaper than a table for two. Instead of worrying about slashing prices to ensure your customers can still afford you, perhaps it’s time to reassess if you’ve actually got a new target customer.Images: Flickr

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