A novel idea it might be, a great one it's not

sonyebook.jpgA novel idea it might be, but I can’t see the Sony Reader catching on.The ebook that stores 160 downloadable novels hit UK stores this week. Priced at £199 and weighing 250g, every battery charge allows 6,800 page turns.Now I might be missing something here, but when would you ever need, or more importantly, want access to 160 novels? Possibly if you were circumnavigating the globe or locked in a world of 24hr Big Brother, I suppose. And if you did why would you want to read them via screen and have to manually click for a new page every 17 lines or so?OK so it’s easy to say it now, but MP3 players worked because they improved the alternative experience. We love being able to shuffle, flick and rotate our record collections, while 8,000 7” vinyls and a turntable always were a bit of a bitch to get on the bus.MP3 players also worked because iPod made them look cool as funk. The ebook looks like an Etch-A-Sketch in a cheap suit.Great ideas are solutions to problems and improve experiences. It feels like the ebook is a semi-solution searching for a problem that doesn’t exist.

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