Hell hath no fury like a Dragon scorned!

gutted.jpgLast night’s Dragons’ Den was a classic, with two DD firsts and one poor guy being practically set alight by the dragons' fury!First, Clive Billing was offered a DD record £255,000 for a 40% stake in his online jewellery retailer Diamond Geezer from Peter Jones, James Caan and Theo Paphitis – and then turned it down! “I’ve no regrets whatsoever, it wasn’t a fair offer,” said Clive, who was holding out for 20%, after the show.He’s confident he’ll get a better deal elsewhere. Given Clive only made £3,000 from £1.6m turnover last year and has liabilities of approx £300,000, we’re not so sure! And fancy passing up on the opportunity of adding three dragons to your board!The unique aspect to Peter Jones’s £75,000 investment for 35% of Victoria McGrane’s fledgling fashion company Neurotica was that she’d only asked for £56,000! While one by one the other dragons balked at Victoria’s obvious failure to budget for stock to meet supply orders, Peter readily upped his offer to account for the oversight.While hardly a first, the dragons were also at their fiercest best. Diamond Geezer Clive got a stern reprimand from Deborah Meaden for having broken the show rules by previously contacting her, while unimpressed Duncan assured him the pleasure in their meeting was all Clive's.The real pasting was saved for Richard Mire and his Screen Machine idea to help parents control children’s TV viewing. The dragons’ nonplussed reaction was just the start; the real action began when Richard revealed his other business made £300,000 last year.“Get out of here. GO AWAY!” screamed Theo, repeating it several times. When the chorus of abuse subsided, James Caan spelled out Richard’s crime for him: “So this is such a amazing idea you want to put £2,500 in for 85% and I’m going to put in £150,000 for 15%?! I’m a bit disappointed that you think we’re that stupid.”Duncan Bannatyne quickly lowered the tone again, sending Richard packing with possibly the hardest exit line in DD history: “I wish you absolute failure. I hope it doesn’t take off. I hope people don’t buy it, I hope it fails. I think it’s ridiculous.” Just in case that didn’t fully clarify where he stood, Duncan added the all too familiar “I’m out.” Harsh. But, on reflection, probably fair.If you missed, catch it iplayer until Monday.

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