In search of homepage heaven

Team Smarta has spent the week bickering, agonising, no, 'healthily debating' homepage designs. It’s all about striking balances, don’t you know...White space ‘v’ content showcasing; Impact ‘v’ subtlety; Vision ‘v’ impression generation. And that’s before you even enter the conflict zone of video, branding, and advertising.In a desperate bid to find enlightenment I went off in search of the web’s best homepages. OK, in truth, I spent half an hour surfing around and came up with this top five. Here it is in reverse order:5. TimesOnline – much copied (but yet to be bettered) by other publishers seeking a busy but good looking homepage.4. Ebuyer – not an obvious choice and won’t win many beauty awards, but this ugly duckling does a brilliant job of presenting a text-heavy product directory that’s nice and easy to navigate.3. Apple – design gurus are an obvious destination and never disappoint. Always get what you expect in a presentation that still succeeds in inspiring. Always clean and simple.2. – A bit web 2.0, a bit flickr (which could easily have made this list), Moo wins for one reason: you can’t look at it without wanting to immediately buy and, even better, buying looks so easy. A lesson in product impact and e-commerce.1. Google – Predictable, obvious, but who cares. Big white screen, search box, logo – exactly what else do you need?It's all subjective, of course, so let me know your thoughts and favourites by commenting below. Next up logos!

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