Political party in business policy shock!

cameron.jpgThe biggest challenge facing David Cameron at the moment must be keeping a straight face. Surely there’s nobody else in the country finding so many upsides to Gordon Brown's desperate bid to dispose of power?Economic woe deepening by the day; business groups shrieking ‘told-you-so’ as insolvencies escalate; unemployment hitting a 16-year peak. Add in spiralling petrol and food costs, a knife-crime epidemic and a catalogue of bungled PR-disaster responses from the dead-man-walking and his cabinet of corpses and Cameron’s weekly Daily Torygraph column kinda writes itself.Of course, this is nothing new. Cameron’s had a cushioned ride for months now. What makes today's response worthy of comment is, rather than basking in the government’s eminently-baskable inadequacies, there’s actually some policy. Yes, P-O-L-I-C-Y.First off, the introduction of the US’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy policy, which gives struggling companies protected breathing space to negotiate repayment plans with creditors while continuing to trade under certain constrictions and, crucially, stay in control of their assets. It’s not liked by everyone in the US and there are arguments it's anti-competitive, but it does keep viable businesses with long-term revenues afloat to sort out cashflow crises.Cameron’s ‘economic recovery plan’ also pledges to cut red tape; introduce a fair fuel stabiliser to crackdown on profiteering petrol companies; limit public spending in order to invest in manufacturing, science and engineering and, as a result, lower taxes.OK so talk is cheap and who believes politicians nowadays, anyway? But at least we’re seeing some kind of practical solutions here – not 'be good people and save your scraps’ suggestions from Mr Not So Prudent.If that's all the 'government' has to offer the public as we hurtle towards recession, what's the message for business? Do you know? Answers on a postcard please (or below actually).

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