What do your walls say about you?

It could have been the brilliant final scene of The Usual Suspects where we realise Kevin Spacey’s Verbal has fabricated the wondrous illusion of Keyser Soze from papers lining the walls of the detective’s office (see below) or it could be the time Microsoft told me competitors once hired a neighbouring office to try and peak at a top secret presentation, but whenever I visit a company’s office I’m always fascinated by what’s on the wall.Indeed, you can often learn more about a big company and its processes from the remnants of meetings,brainstorming sessions or signs for staff than an interview with its PR-savvy CEO who's rattled off the same polished story a million times before.That wasn’t the case with the media company I visited recently whose boss is lovely, but the flipchart scribbling left in its meeting room made interesting enough reading for me to want to scribble it down.It looks like it was a summary of a management or staff training/strategy session and was titled ‘team behaviours’:Value the teamFlat managementAcceptance of each other as individualsOpen and honest but be respectful of each otherPlay to each other’s strengthsBest idea not the loudest ideaEveryone encouraged to speakAll ideas are valuedAlways consider new ideas and waysForget past lives, enjoy the futureEmbrace constructive criticismReally healthy stuff, I reckon and definitely reflected in the relaxed, democratic and motivated feel to the office. Far healthier than the instructions for work experience students I once found in one of the UK’s largest and esteemed organisations, which began, ‘1) Don’t ask questions’.I’ll keep reporting my nosy parker findings, but let’s hear about yours as well!

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