Why haven't you applied to Dragons' Den?

hamfatter.jpgUnless you’re likely to sweat profusely, turn into a jabbering wreck and alert the nation to your insanity by admitting you’ve pumped your life savings into patenting chocolate fireguards, you should seriously consider trying to get on the next series of Dragons’ Den.And that’s whether your company needs investment or not.When I met Gavin Wheeldon of translation service Applied Language Solutions last year I asked him if he regretted his appearance on the show where he was blasted for overvaluing his business by asking for £250,000 in exchange for just 4%.“Not at all,” he replied. “I never expected to get invest at the rate I knew I could get it elsewhere, so it was all about the publicity. How else do you get your business on TV in front of millions of people for free?”He’s not alone in entrepreneurs who’ve used Dragons’ Den to their advantage without raising cash. For some it’s as simple as spinning a ‘look what the dragons got wrong’ PR story.That’s worked for Rob Law’s children’s luggage company Trunki, which has gone on to be stocked in 24 countries since Peter Jones told him: "I meet people like you all the time - you think you have something. I tell you, you don't. Within seven days I could do a better job than that. Your company is currently worthless."And then there's Rachel Lowe who just months after admitting she didn't 'know her figures' saw her board game Destination became Hamley’s best-selling Christmas present. It's now up to its 15th edition and Rachel's held talks with Walt Disney about movie versions.Hamfatter, the band that on Monday night did secure funding from Jones, are also basking in their 15 minutes of fame. They’ve enjoyed plentiful press coverage over the past few days but the impact was even more immediate according to Play.com, which reported the band’s downloads rocketed between 10pm and midnight on Monday.You can apply here. Unless

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