Are you motivating people to get out of bed?

Two thirds of people are miserable at work and half think about quitting their jobs on a daily basis, according to That’s fairly depressing, no matter how you look it. Have a glance around you; is half your workforce wishing they were elsewhere? I’m not so sure everyone is that miserable (even on the first back after a bank holiday). What’s definitely true, however, is that we now live in a culture geared to achieving fulfilment – even if that’s left many feeling, well, unfulfilled. No longer is a job simply a means to an end; it’s an opportunity to push yourself, contribute to something meaningful, build positive relationships, learn new skills etc. Even when we’re not working we’re increasingly seeking ‘experiences’ and enhanced life satisfaction. A whole industry exists telling people they don’t have to settle for their lot. And why not? After all, people rarely start businesses simply to get rich quick, but more often for a better standard of living. Coffee Republic founder Sahar Hashemi insists what she valued most about running her own business was the purpose she felt for the day ahead when waking up. Everyday could be different; a new challenge. It’s also what she missed most when she sold, in her own words, ‘too early’. It’s no coincidence for me that entrepreneurs are morning people. Or that unmotivated staff struggle to get to work on time. If you want to know which of your employees are down in the dumps, take a look at who consistently turns up late. Then ask yourself why.

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