Do MBAs matter? No! Yes! Don't know!

graduate.jpgThere’s so much bile on the web debating the value of MBA qualifications to creating a successful business that I’m reticent to add to it.You probably know how it goes. MBA grads extol how the qualification broadened their business vision, while those running multi-million pound empires without so much as a GCSE sneer and dismiss MBAs as ‘for managers not real entrepreneurs’.The reason the subject’s been debated so comprehensively without satisfactory conclusion is, of course, that there’s no evidence either way. How can there be?Rank the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs and out of the top 100, possibly two or three will have a business qualification. Out of the latest Forbes 400 rich list, four had MBAs. In turn, statistically MBA grads see significant increases in earnings, whether running their own businesses or not. And besides, knowledge is power, right?So... they can be worthwhile but certainly aren’t compulsory. Wow, hardly enlightening analysis and evidence only that I’ve succeeding in doing what I set out not to.Anyway, by way of explanation: Applications for full-time MBA programmes are up 77%, the Graduate Management Admission Council revealed today. Uptake of flexible part-time MBAs has also increased.Make of that what you will...Image: Flickr
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