Glassdoor hit UK - time to laugh or cry?

glassdoor.jpg‘You show me yours and I’ll show you mine’ is the principle behind Glassdoor, the US site where employees anonymously share salary details and review the companies they work for.It’s been lapped up across the pond by staff frantic to find if they’re paid enough and dish the dirt on their bosses. In two months, 50,000 employees have revealed all on 110,000 companies in 80 different companies.Glassdoor officially launches in the UK next week – and we’re not sure whether to revel in its entrepreneurial web 2.0 brilliance or act all responsible and damn it for prompting a salaries debate at the worst possible time.Ahh, what the heck. It’s a cool site that can’t fail. Founded by Benchmark Capital partner Rich Barton, and former Expedia executives Tim Besse and Robert Hohman, Glassdoor notably also lists TripAdvisor chief Stephen Kaufer on its board.Most important, the site stands up to scrutiny as well. ‘How do you know people are telling the truth?’ is the obvious reaction to Glassdoor, and the truth is, like all review or user-generated sites, you don’t, but this one goes further than most to ensure validity.All entries are checked for anomalies and unusual salaries are flagged. Users are required to give a verifiable e-mail address and malicious entries are challenged. Multiple entries from one computer are also barred and libelous statements are not allowed.So how much does a Microsoft software development analyst earn? $92,641. A Deloite consulting manager? $125,969. Google software engineer? $96,146.Watch this one grow and grow.What to do? Who knows. It’s sure to be big firms that get hit first and hardest, but it’d be naive to think your staff won’t soon be showing it all to Glassdoor. How about pre-empting the whole situation by making all salaries transparent and bonuses performance-related?

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