Let's hope the BCC isn't wasting its energy

energy.jpgHow come domestic energy suppliers have to publish their tariffs, but business suppliers don't? Why do domestic contracts allow people to switch every 28 days, businesses have to sign-up for inflexible long-term deals?Two very valid questions posed by the British Chambers of Commerce, which is campaigning for new measures to help businesses deal with exploitative energy companies.Well done to the BCC for flagging this. More than 32,000 businesses every year phone energy regulator Ofgem, seeking help and advice with their bills and providers.David Frost, director general of the BCC, says: “With the economy slowing and energy bills on the rise it is totally unacceptable that hard-pressed businesses are left so open to exploitation.”Here, here – let’s hope the BCC isn't wasting its energy and Ofgem and the government are listening.Image: Flickr

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