Restaurateur shows vision with satellite dishes

curry.jpgKnow your rogan josh from your dupiaza? More of a CTM (chicken tikka masala) fan?How about a balti GPS? That’s what will soon be on the menu at Mohammed Ali’s innovative Maliks Indian restaurant in Chesterton, Staffordshire.Using webcams and GPS navigation technology, customers will be able to watch their food being created then track its delivery to their door.“I believe we are the first in the world to do this,” Mohammed told local paper The Sentinel. "This is a traditional Indian takeaway. We are proud of our facilities and our hygiene, so we are happy to invite customers to see the kitchen on camera, and watch the food being prepared.“Then the GPS tracking system will allow people to follow their food over the internet, so they know exactly when it is due to arrive."What better way than to reassure new customers, especially following the BBC's recent Rogue Restaurants programme exposing into the UK's dirtiest kitchens?Mohammed has whetted Smarta's appetite and no doubt a whole army of curry-craving punters after the media gobbled up this story. Worth the £25,000 investment alone, surely?Image: Flickr
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