Time to recharge your batteries?

mental ill health.jpgNeed a holiday? Hell yes! Feel like you’re able to take one? Hell no!I hear entrepreneurs say this all the time. The ambitious highfliers running fast-growth companies haven’t got a gap in their diaries for a frapacuino in the sun let alone a whole week, while the sole traders and micro businesses are working on such limited resources they’ve often resigned themselves to a life without breaks.Now we all know only life coaches believe in ‘escaping the rat race or 9-to-5’, but surely one of the chief motivations to start your business was to enjoy your life more than if you worked for someone else – at what point does this get lost?In the middle of an economic downturn when the pressure is on, margins are squeezed and you’re livelihood is at stake, is the probably the very real answer.However, there comes a point where not taking a break can be bad for your business. Mainly because it’s bad for you.The Shaw Trust a charity which has launched a free online resource to help employers reduce mental illness in the workplace, says stress and mental health problems are on the increase as a result of increasingly pressured working conditions.If anything, it’s worse for you lot at the top carrying the burden of the whole company’s survival and your employees’ welfare.Swanning off to the Bahamas for a month while they worry about redundancies mightn't be too sensible, but taking a few days off to recharge your batteries, look at the bigger picture and come back refreshed with a host of new ideas to the take the company forward could help everyone.
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