Whittard the latest credit crunch winner

coffeecup.jpgWhat’s the first thing us Brits do in a crisis? Make a brew, of course.That could be the explanation behind a healthy jump in profits at tea and coffee specialist Whittard of Chelsea, which appears to be making rich trade as a result of the economic downturn.It seems caffeine addicts are saving their pennies by getting their fixes at home instead of the high street. Sales of coffee are up 15% on last year at Whittard, while coffee-making equipment is up 11%, cafetieres 7% and milk frothers 4%.Whittard is just the latest credit crunch winner. Ryanair reported a 19% rise in passengers in July, while Travelodge and Haven have seen a jump in bookings from holiday seekers unable to afford foreign holidays this year.Budget supermarkets Aldi and Lidl are booming, while DVD sales and pizza delivery are also on the up as 'nights in' become the new 'nights out'.It seems the UK consumer is prepared to economise however they can – Superdrug has even reported a 15% rise in condom sales!Image: Flickr

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