Credit crunched!

Couldn’t help but applaud our friends over at for pledging not to publish another negative report about the world economy’s faltering growth.LL is concerned the ‘doom and gloom’ created by the media’s fixation with the credit crunch is actually contributing more to a decline in business confidence than our admittedly faltering economy.Dan Matthews, editor, said: “Politicians are putting too much emphasis on the poor state of the macro-economy and not enough on sections of it that are holding up, growing and creating wealth and jobs for Britain.“Confidence is a big part of what makes the economy tick and all this bad news is making people feel pessimistic and scared. There’s no reason not to start a business right now, as long as you do homework and launch in the right way.”I agree. There's quite simply never a bad time to start a good business.It seems you lot agree as well. Otherwise I guess you wouldn’t be here reading this. A poll on LL also shows 50% of its business readers think the current climate will have no impact on their business or could actually help it.With a number of companies prospering from the downturn I’ll go along with that too. That said, I reckon regardless of credit crunch hysteria or positive-only reporting, the vast majority will just get on with it. When will politicians and the media realise most business owners only care about their businesses, not ‘business’?
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