Mismanaging my expectations

‘Managing expectations,’ is a buzz phrase I’m hearing a lot at the moment.At its worst, it’s essentially an pre-empted excuse for not doing something very well: “The job won’t be completely finished by the deadline so let’s ‘manage the expectations’ of the client.” Bullshit, basically.At its best, it’s about doing the basics well first and not shouting so loud you end up disappointing not impressing.Someone, well something, tried to manage my expectations today and failed miserably.Now I’ve always hated ‘press 1 for’ automated phone systems, but I’m resigned to their existence. Trying to book something today I was informed: ‘You have been placed in a queue until an operator is free to answer your call." Oh joy, I thought, but ho hum.It was then I was kindly told: ‘Your call is No.2 in the queue and will be answered in approximately 15 seconds.' Spirits were lifted but tempered with a healthy degree of scepticism.Obviously, 15 seconds passed. About a minute later the voice returned to reveal: ‘your call is No.2 in the queue and will be answered in approximately 1 minute."You can probably guess what happened next. Yep, by minute nine of the call I was still No.2 in the queue with an answering estimation of six minutes. I gave up.Now here I’d normally end the blog as the point is well and truly made. I wouldn’t usually name the company, but seeing as I called Bloomsbury Lanes Bowling and complained about the same problem back in February, I think it’s only fair to.
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