Not Absolute madness

absolute_logo_purple.pngI probably wasn’t the only one to think, ‘Who in their right minds would rebrand Virgin Radio to Absolute Radio?’In reflection though and having read Media Week’s interview with Absolute chief exec Donnach O’Driscoll I have to admit I’m at least half-converted.The Virgin license would have cost Absolute £8m, which while peanuts for one of the few global brands is a lot of money for a station that only has FM network coverage in London.Using the Virgin name that’s what it would have remained; just a radio station with limited access. Now, freed from the shackles of license restrictions, it can exploit the web, podcasts, TV, ticketing, events, affiliates , digital music and social networking markets competitors have embraced for a while.As Jonathan Barrowman, head of radio for media agency Initiative, says in the piece: “There are limited benefits to being part of the Virgin family – all you get is the badge. It’s a bit like owning a Ferrari, but without having a driving license.”While any rebrand is risk intensive and I’m not convinced by Absolute as a name (does it say anything?), turning your back on a brand as illustrious as Virgin does have a stronger business case than it might first appear.
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