Sock and Awe

What with Royal Mail workers doomed, big banks being frauded, and general recession depression, today we would like to offer you something a little more uplifting.

Sock and Awe is a lovely little web app game where you get to throw shoes at George W Bush.

It's also a stunning example of how quickly the switched-on web entrepreneur can turn out a fun and instantly popular product. In a few hours the guys at soon-to-be-launched comedy website Pop Jam created this on the back of the news that - well, if you don't know the news story you ain't gonna get the game.

Also neatly creating a bit of pre-launch buzz around themselves and reaching a big audience through viral marketing in an incredibly innovative way. A great bit of PR - remembering not to annoy people, to get people involved and make things enjoyable. And using the power of word-of-mouth and the internet to get the name and idea out. Big marketing ticks all round, and pretty big smiles too.


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