The credit crunch, Jarvis Cocker style

JarvisCocker.jpgNow I don’t want to go all GMTV and smother what’s a very serious issue with a ludicrously inappropriate dollop of syrup and glitter, but how much does the average small business owner or sole trader understand about the economic apocalypse that the global media is reverberating at us from every medium?Any more than the average homeowner that understands banks going crash, bang, wallop result in mortgages going up and negative equity? Does the climate at the moment mean anything other to you than higher costs, reduced sales and less access to finance?Is the constant analysis and hyperbole actually any use to you? More so, is it helping the situation? Especially when all the ‘experts’ put together didn’t predict Lehman Brothers going or HBOS before the collywobbles became clear to everyone.One thing is for certain: it's certainly beyond your control.We’d usually find ourselves naturally opposed to anti-capitalist musings, but given its polarisation from all other commentary we thought we’d share Jarvis Cocker’s views on the credit crunch, even if, for us, it’s a bit out of the left field. Over to you JC:“It's really nice seeing capitalism getting its comeuppance. It had gone too far: I think most people can understand capitalism when it's about companies that make real products, but when it's about organisations that just make money ... that's abstract capitalism, it's beyond most ordinary people - and I include myself among them.“I mean, you see the FTSE index, or whatever, running along the bottom of the TV screen and generally it just doesn't impinge at all on the way you live your life, and then suddenly you're told your life is going to take a nosedive. Who understands that?“The truly sad thing is that all this is taking place with a so-called Labour government in power, a government that should have the interests of the majority at heart, but has instead played the role of a pimp.“Maybe a bit of a recession will do us some good. A lot of people have been living beyond their means. We've all done it, I've done it: you feel a bit depressed, you go and buy something. People might now actually talk to each other a bit more, make their own entertainment, all those other great northern clichés.”So good news for social networks, hey Jarvis?!
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