Why beanz don’t meanz credit crunch (or Heinz)

beans.jpgAccording to most of today’s paps, broke Brits are surviving the credit crunch on a diet of baked beans.Yep, sales of those fibre-rich favourites are up 12% with annual sales topping £300m for the first time.However, closer analysis of the much-understudied beans business suggests the latest stats merely reflect a longer-term trend that’s seen bean sales grow a minimum 10% a year since 2004 as consumers embrace them as a staple for a health-conscious diet.Not that I’d want to accuse the press of leaping on any opportunity to stir its ‘credit crunch’ frenzy, of course...Anyway, back to beans: when Branston launched its range to rival Heinz in the branded BB stakes in 2005, commentators scoffed that the market was already bloated with one big hitter and a host of own label alternatives.Well a 22% rise in sales over the last 12 months suggests Branston was right not to lose its appetite.Aiming to be No.2 in the market is a vastly underrated strategy.Image: Flickr
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